Woof Music Animation

The last place I would expect making contact with a potential client is the one social network designed to do just that: LinkedIn. I just never took the time to find someone to handhold me through the whole process.

This time, a company reached out to me: Woof Trade Publishing, Ltd., a French music distributor, was expanding in the US, and needed a website with an HTML5 animation opening.

They decided to go in a different direction, but not before I executed the following two animations for them. The first features their logo mascot, the second a menu-based mission statement.

Each were to appear in the first two sections of a WordPress theme, the animation to be triggered when each was in focus, in the CSS sense of the word. Each was fully responsive.

This assignment got me to thinking, better use would be made of me by a web designer as the subcontractor of animation elements. I enjoyed the work nonetheless; they are good people.

Click each picture to play the corresponding animation.

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