Freelance Client: Bedford 2020.(2013 – current)

  • I redesigned their website from the bottom up a few years ago, and am planning to upgrade it to a phone-first design: bedford2020.org
  • Their on-the-spot designs range from new pages and sections on their site, to email design, to print advertising and signage.

Contact: Midge Iorio, [email protected]

Freelance Client: Woof Music USA.(May 2017)

  • The American unit of a French company representing many musical artists for media placement.
  • I composed two animations for their website, one a quick simple introduction, another an animated About page.

Contact: M. Heraud, [email protected]

Freelance Client: Pearson Education.(June 2016)

  • I produced several infographic illustrations for a textbook titled Technology in Action.
  • Their editors gave me rough guidelines, and I researched and provided suggested content. Some text I wrote carefully explained an astonishing statistic.

Contact: Jenifer Niles, [email protected]

Freelance Client: Sav-a-Tree.(September 2012)

  • Infographic. I was charged with organizing disparate facts, organizing them into categories, and arranging them sequentially to tell a story.
  • I started with a moodboard, where I proposed fonts, colors and textures, plus a way of rendering stylized trees in an appealing way.
  • See the process and result here, at my website.

Contact: Luann O’Brien, [email protected]

Startup Business: 3by3.pictures.(March 2017)

  • This is an online store and showcase for fine art — at first, just mine, but eventually others’, by consignment — from all different genres and styles and paint media, with only one thing in common: they’re all three inches square. Displayable either on a desktop easel or a frame.
Seasoned, patient designer, with a strong print and web background, versed in the full Adobe Creative Suite, excelling in HTML5 animation, particularly with the MacOS app Hype.


  • Familiarity with the full Adobe Creative Suite; decades of use of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.
  • Can design for different imaging technologies, both ink and pixel, understanding the personalities of each: print, web (both raster and vector), infographics, video, package design, outdoor, vehicles, billboards.
  • Not shy with coding. HTML, CSS, some PHP, JS, SVG. WordPress. I’m loving HTML5 animation via Tumult Hype.
  • I love letterforms: accomplished chisel-quill calligrapher, font designer (Hillary Bold, #Hillvetica).
  • Good with non-computer construction of mockups in paper, cardboard, foam-core, wood.


  • My feet are on the ground, while allowing my imagination leeway. Years of experience counting for something.
  • Ability to balance good design and taste with customer needs and requests. Everybody’s happy.
  • Ability to see the big picture, and keep the work on mission. Minutiæ can be quicksand sometimes.
  • Imagination. Ability to see the road not taken, or the area that needs a road and doesn’t have one yet.
  • Solving problems. Much of design is a puzzle. Some puzzles are difficult, but they’re always rewarding.