This little guy moved a lot of MoveCapsules

Back in the summer of 2013, my main client, Chris Roberts, made a connection through an employee to a company in suburban Sydney, Australia, named Movers and Shakers. They had a product they wanted to feature on their website, an impact-resistant castered container they called a MoveCapsule.

I’d just gotten proficient with Adobe Edge Animate, which, among a great many other things, makes Flash-like animation in a modern web browser window, desktop or mobile, with no plug-ins. Always a great advocate for stretching my boundaries of capability, Chris turned me loose on a page that called for an animated product mascot who could walk through all the features worth bragging about.

This, in a separate page, is the result. I think all the links off the page are dead.

Funny story about the content page… I was researching how to make a non-WordPress contact page, though we’d posted the result anyway. Someone had come by the page, played all the animation (so he said), and found the company’s main contact page, and placed an order for the company’s entire stock of MoveCapsules! They met their sales goal, thanks to my little mascot. Glad to have helped!

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