Hillary Bold TrueType Font

Exactly a month ago, my Twitter stream erupted with something approaching love for this strange alphabet. Hillary Bold, what you all bestowed with the hashtag #Hillvetica, is now available right here for download as a TrueType font!

[sdm_download id=”1034″ fancy=”0″]

Or, failing that, click here.

Here are the instructions, also included in the readme bundled with the zip file.

Thank you for downloading my strange font, based on Hillary Clinton’s new campaign logo! It’s my first effort, and as such, I didn’t quite get the kerning* I liked (though I got the red and blue components to align nicely). It’s just as well, since with all these unweildy arrows pointing every which way, there’s no really good kerning solution.
So here is the recommended procedure with an Adobe app (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) or equivalent:

  1. Type your message in Hillary Bold Regular. Start out with tracking of 0, not Auto or Optical.
  2. Kern to your taste, by putting the I-beam cursor between letters and adjusting the value.
  3. Select all the text, change the font to Hillary Bold Blue, and color it blue (or color of your choice). Don’t worry about how terrible it looks.
  4. Change to the Select tool, and copy not the text but the whole frame the text occupies.
  5. Paste a copy in front. (cmd F)
  6. Switch to the Text tool, select the text in that second frame, change the font to Hillary Bold Red, and color it red (or a contrasting color of your choice).


Rick Wolff
[email protected] (email)
@RickWolff (Twitter)

P.S. Now the Font of the Day for 4/13/15 is available in T-shirts! http://www.zazzle.com/fontgeex

*Kerning is special consideration for pairs of letters, so they either keep far enough apart for best legibility, or parts occupy voids for best visual appeal, such as the bottom right of an A fitting under the top left of a T.

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    1. I believe it works now. Please let me know if it doesn’t! Someone talked me through something I’d neglected to do with the plug-in that counts the downloads.

    1. Seeing as I designed every letter but the H, and I’m not claiming any copyright to it, I say yes! Just don’t use the H. “Dania P” is perfect! Though I think it would look kind of funny.
      Also, consider getting whatever you come up with trademarked. That way you can steer clear of any claim the Clinton campaign still has on its “H” logo. The bottom line is, my saying it’s okay doesn’t make it okay. I am not a trademark attorney.
      Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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