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  1. Hilarious! Almost begs to have a follow-up about all of the copycats and where they would be down the road. I think a well-designed logo should lose value if you add or remove elements from it.

  2. Markets change. What might have been a well-designed logo in the past sometimes needs an update to reflect this/reposition brand with new realities. In general I see nothing wrong with this if the risk of alienating existing brand value is avoided.

  3. Fergus, you’re right. Generally, I like the effect: a brand no longer feeling it needs the peripheral justifications, and trims the metaphorical crust from the bread. It’s good to do if it’s reached a level of familiarity. Likewise, doing this demonstrates a company’s level of awareness of how familiar it is. They know they’re “all that.”
    Reed, I suppose I should’ve done a post putting other logos through the same process. Would the Kraft logo be “RAF”? Feel free to run with it!

  4. Very funny! I am not a fan of the new logo; to me the middle part is the least important. They dropped what I recognized as Starbucks and kept a very miniscule piece of it. Can’t wait for 2043!

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