eBook: Embracing Twitter

In the race for interactivity, the humble PDF is down, but not out. Actually, it’s not even down.

The proof is the latest release from my new client, the Texas-yet-worldwide marketing consultancy Turning Minds. Titled Embracing Twitter…So It’ll Embrace You Back, editors Ben Henick (@bhenick) and Justin McCullough (@mccJustin) curate an anthology of wisdom about business use of Twitter, from foreworder Liz Strauss (@LizStrauss), Phil Gerbyshak (@PhilGerb), Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray) and Chris Garrett (@chrisgarrett), just to name those whom I’d heard of before helping out on this book.

I took the task of the overall design and production, exploring non-Flash interactive capabilities of the PDF format for maximum compatibility. The PDF standard has a lot going for it, and there’s little reason why ebooks can’t pick a few entrees from this menu. I truly had fun doing it, and look forward to topping it.

The scariest challenge was the final one: how to get the size down beneath 8mb, so it could be easily attached to an email. My experiments brought it down from about 30mb to a svelte 1.9mb, with almost no loss of content. I learned tricks I’ll be able to apply in every similar job.

To see the results for yourself, and to pick the brains of these 36 experienced Twitter practitioners, download your free copy, and tell all your friends. You’d be doing everyone involved a favor — including me.

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  1. This eBook became quite a gem when all things were said and done. Rick, your work on the design and layout was perfect for our needs and exceeded our visual expectation. And this will be news to you, but I look forward to the next 3 of these. 😉

    Thanks for a job well done. Anyone serious about producing a quality eBook should bring you into the project.


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