For the time being, this will be heavy with Graphic Design posts from a previous incarnation of this website. The conversion stripped the proper dates from them. My goal is to push them all to a second page, as I follow Ben Franklin’s advice:
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

A Venn Diagram of Heritage

When history is uncomfortable to its descendents, reenactment faces a dilemma.

The SCA, My Olde Stompyng Grounde

It's a good way to get introduced to history as a playground.

Hillvetica: a Short, Strange Trip

The busiest, most chaotic week of my life, when I made fun of Hillary Clinton's campaign logo with a font.

Neil Gaiman: “Make Good Art”

An infographic meme, showing Neil Gaiman's "two out of three is fine" strategy for success.

A Valentine Font

Use this heart-shaped typeface, with my compliments. Happy V Day!

Phonetic Alphabet

What if we could re-design our alphabet so that similar sounds had similar letters? A design exercise.

Making a Buck

A sneak-peek at my entry for this year's Dollar Rede$ign Project.