Adrienne Stone’s Facebook presence

a-stone-in-situBack in May of 2012, when my practice in Pennsylvania was getting under way, my client from Westchester, NY, Heather Flournoy, had referred me to a physical therapist Adrienne Stone, who wanted a Facebook header image. As you can see from the actual Facebook page [above], I was new to the choreography of the obstructing elements of a Facebook header. But I was able to craft some effective imagery, though both Heather and Adrienne got a lot of variations out of me. I had a lot to work with: they sent me great photos of Adrienne, in portrait as well as working with a very relaxed client. The brainstorming with Heather produced the other imagery, of water, colorful plants, clouds, and sand.

This shows some early exploration.

Once it seemed a portrait of Adrienne would work (before I’d realized she would use her portrait as her profile image, which makes much more sense), there was the issue of placement of a logo for best viewing.

We’re honing in on the best imagery. (They went with the top one.)

Knowing what I know now, I think I’ll send Ms. Stone a better version, one that will hold up better to the high-resolution screens of mobile devices. And dodge the title and elements and profile image better.

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